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YOKSIS Announcements

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE), in order to follow a single point on the internet the activities which organized in public, scope of national and international by all Universities as of March 2011 has established the System of University Activities.

Activities’ information which congress, council, symposia, seminar, panel, conference, workshop, forum, audio-visual demonstrations, conversation, festival, rejoicing, kermes and tour organized by the university as public domain, Higher Education Common Data Base entered into system by authorized persons at Universities and these activity information under the heading 'University Activity' Higher Education board web page at https://faaliyet.yok.gov.tr/ announced to the public.

In this context, forms which completed for activity inputs of our University to University Activities system; are included to YOKSIS system by Bologna Coordination Office and Department of Information Processing. To enter our university's activities continue without interruption.

Finally, 'Membership Module' added as a new module to the University Activities System. If relevant person wants to follow activities in the membership module, they join the system and they can choose activities field and types according to pursuit they wish to follow. In order to individual entry to membership module 'Membership Module' link should be click at http://yok.gov.tr/ and when clicking membership title at opening page can be input to the University Activities System.

After entry to the system specified activities type and an activities knowledge of activities area and activities publication as of the moment on https://faaliyet.yok.gov.tr/address and information text about this activities have been automatically send to relevant person's e-mail. Thus, it is aimed to facilitate the monitoring of the activities which are organized in Higher education institutions and to plan to increase participation

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