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ToR of the Sub-Coordinator

Definiton: Sub-Coordinator mean supervisors and/ or supervisor's assistants (Dean/ Deputy Dean, Director/ Deputy Director) of Akdeniz University Academic Units (Faculty, Institute, School, Vocational  School,).

Responsibilities of the Sub-Coordinators:

  • to ensure the organization within the unit and develop communication strategy,
  • to prepare the unit's action plan with a participatory approach in accordance with the decisions of the Coordination Board, follow the implementation and report  the failures in  the implementation
  • to make recommandations regarding institutional action plan


The course catalog in accordance with the norms of European High Education

Expected Impact / Performance Indicator:

That the Units reconstruct themselves in accordance with the principles of Bologna Process is the expected impact to come out as a result of the studies of the Sub-Coordinators. It is the success indicator of the Coordinators of the Units that Bologna Process Actions are put into effect wholly and on time.

Work Design and Schedule:

The Sub Coordinator is responsible to BCC Chairman and Bologna Process Institution Coordinator, succesively. The Sub Coordinators determine the organization and the work design that are suitable for their own units; they schedule their works in accordance with the final schedules announced by the Coordination Board. The Unit coordinators work in coordination with Bologno Process Institution Coordination, Coordination Board, Managers of the Departments, Managers of the Disciplines, Students Affairs Department, Data Processing Department and Student Council.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

The Units have the responsibility for connecting their works to the minutes. To monitor the studies of the Sub Coordinators, BCC Chairman can invite them to make presentations in the Coordination Board Meeting.

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