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ToR of the Department/Program Lecturer

Definition: Lecturer means; permanent and contracted teaching staff who gives the lectures presented by Akdeniz University Academic Units (Faculty, Institute, School, Vocational School, Conservatory) in associate, undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

Responsibilities of the Lecturer

To Make contribution to the creation of vision and mission of the department as well as its program qualifications with a participatory approach,
To define the learning outcomes of the courses given and to upload them to automation system,
To act within the framework of work schedule and action plan predicted by coordination board /  department workforce group,
To make recommandations regarding institutional action plan,


The course catalog in accordance with the norms of European High Education,
Vision and mission of the department,
Program outcomes/qualifications,
Course objectives learning outcomes

Expected Impact / Performance Indicator:

That the programs (associate, undergraduate and post-graduate levels) reconstruct themselves in accordance with the principles of Bologna Process is the expected impact to come out as a result of the studies of the lecturers. It is the success indicator of the lecturers that Bologna Process Actions (Program outcomes, definition of qualifications, creation of course objectives and learning outcomes, implementation of surveys, etc.)  are put into effect wholly and on time.

Work Design and Schedule:

Lecturers are responsible to Department coordinators, sub-coordinators, unit supervisors (manager of the Department/Discipline/program as well as dean/director), BCC Chairman and Bologna Process Institution Coordinator, succesively.

Lecturers act in accordance with the.organization and the work design determined by department coordinators; they accomplish  their works in accordance with the final schedules announced by the Coordination Board.

Lecturers works in coordination with Department coordinators, sub-coordinators, dean’s/director’s office, Bologna Process Institution Coordination, Coordination Board, Managers of the Departments, Managers of the Disciplines, Students Affairs Department, Data Processing Department and Student Council.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Lecturers are liable to chain course objectives course learning outcomes and to register them to automation system. Unit coordinators and deparment coordinators monitor lecturers work in behalf of their unit supervisors (manager of the Department/discipline/program as well as dean/director) and shares the failures with unit supervisors (manager of the Department/discipline/program as well as dean/director) in order to be reported to BCC chairmanship  and Bologna Process Coordination Office (BPCO).



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