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ToR of the Bologna Process Coordination Office

Definition: The Bologna Process Coordination Office (BPCO) represents the unit which consists of the Coordinator, Vice-Coordinator and Secretariat of the Bologna Process Board. The purpose of the BPCO is to manage the restructuring and sustainable development work needed to support the aims of the Bologna Process.

Responsibilities of the BPCO:

In general:

1.  To establish an institutional identity for our Bologna Process activities
2.  To take decisions regarding our institutional Bologna Process strategy
3.  To create awareness of the Bologna Process
4.  To extend the awareness of the Bologna Process which already exists
5.  To monitor the study of domestic, foreign, in-house and outside institutions
6.  To create and maintain a comprehensive archive

Specific Tasks:

  1. To create the agenda of the Coordination Board
  2. To determine the corporate education plan for the Bologna Process
  3. To compose the Bologna Process Manual in its final form
  4. To prepare the final BEK report
  5. To prepare project reports for the AKTS and DE Label Applications


The Bologna Process Coordination Office institutional identity
Revisions to the Curriculum based on the BP approach
The ECTS and DE Label Application Project files
The Bologna Process Booklet
The Institutional Report sent to the CoHE before the end of May each year
The Archive/Database

Anticipated Result/Performance Indicator:

On an institutional basis, the anticipated result from the work of the Bologna Coordination Board is to provide an institutional identity for the work of the Bologna Process, and to create an environment in which the work of the Bologna Process can be accepted more easily by the units. The mark of success for the Bologna Process Coordination Board will be to bring to a successful conclusion our applications for the ECTS and DE labels.

Work System and Schedule:

The BP Coordinator is responsible to the Head of the BCC. On domestic and foreign platforms, the Bologna Process Coordinator may represent the institution as a substitute for the head of the BCC. The Bologna Process Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator are the founding members of the BPCO. All academic and administrative units, including the BP Coordination Board, Bologna Process Coordination Proficiency Framework Sub-Board, the Certificate and Associate Degree Admission Sub-Board, and the Quality Assurance Sub-Board are required to work in coordination with the Head of Student Affairs, the International Relations Office, the Information Technology Department, and the Student Representative Council.

Monitoring and Assessment:

The Bologna Process Coordination Office holds an internal meeting before the weekly meetings of the Coordination Board. The Coordination Board conveys opinions and suggestions put forward at the weekly meeting to the Head of the BCC.


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