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Dear Students,

Scientific, technologic and economic developments in Turkey as in all the world to adapt to changing conditions brought to the restructuring of higher education systems. This restructuring process considered as student-centered  include  a series of tools including  ECTS within the framework of 10  basic principles is taking shape.

2010-2011 fall and spring semesters for each course you receive ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is applied to the survey, our aim is to explain why the ECTS is iconducted.

ECTS for each semester you answer the questionnaires will be distributed to the general will be evaluated.The ECTS questionnaire consists of 11 questions. Questions received during the fall and spring classes to prepare for the course is about how much time you reserved, and you measure how much was created to bring the workload.

Your answers will be used for determining the ECTS credits of courses,on the other hand  it will prepare the ground for the updating of the program and course content.

Your feedback is extremely important in terms of the Curriculum revision and determining ECTS credits.

Thank you for your cooperation

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