Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Rector's Message

Dear distinguished members of Akdeniz University,

Recently, human civilization has been confronting a radical change. Over the last decade, producing and disseminating knowledge, and developing individual skills and competencies have become distinguishing assets in determining the competitive power of nations. Obviously, higher education institutions have assumed prominent roles in managing this changing posture. However, higher education institutions should initiate the change among themselves first, while fulfilling their primary functions in education and training, research and development, and serving the public in general. In this context, the Bologna Process was introduced to restructure higher education systems to meet the changing needs and to create a competitive and transparent European Higher Education Area. This movement of change is shaped by 10 basic principles and a set of tools consolidated over the course of time. Currently, 48 countries are party to the Bologna Process to which Turkey has been a member since 2001.  Akdeniz University has proven its commitment to maintaining its training programs and quality assurance works in a holistic approach, taking a great leap towards becoming a world leader and assuming a pro-active role in the European Higher Education Area, by announcing its Bologna Process Strategy and Action Plan at the end of 2010. I have the full conviction that all of us at Akdeniz University will assume prominent roles in achieving this overarching goal and that each of us will  play an active part in this process.

With my full respect and gratitude,
Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÜNAL

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