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Other Activities

While economic and social limits are exceeded on the last quarter of the last century, the other hand knowledge generation and dissemination, development of individual skills and competencies are the basic factors that determine competitiveness in the international arena as societies began to be defined. This process of change in the educational institutions of higher education, research and development and service to the community in performing the functions required to keep up with change. The duty of institutions of higher education is established education systems which provide the need information society and economy.

In this context, by creating an education system which the economic and social of the society that meets and suitable to national and international norms, understandable and comparable, in order to establish quality assurance systems and improve the quality of education in the university , Bologna Coordinator of the Akdeniz University was established on 24 December 2010.

The main duty of the Bologna Coordination, carry out the work of the bologna process integration, internalize the process of the Akdeniz University, provide that the restructuring of the educational system and the educational system is to catch the international quality.

In addition to the mission of the Bologna Coordination has undertaken the duty about some other issues related to the conduct of education. In this context, the Bologna Coordination is working about coordination of YOKSIS Announcements and follow of Business and Operations of the IAESTE. Other Activities’ link was put into service for publication of announcement and documents about our work.

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