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BP Coordination Board Decisions/Minutes of Meeting (14 October 2011)





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14 October 2011
09:30 - 10:30

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı


Decisions / Minutes:

  Bologna Process Coordination Board met at Senate Hall under the chairmanship of Bologna Coordination Board President, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel on Friday, 14 October 2011 between 09:30-10:30 p.m. Firstly, in meeting, General Commission Meeting of Higher Education Council National Student Council and 2011-2012 academic years work schedule of PDME Commission are discussed. Then, there was discussed about taking information about bologna works (Program Outcomes, the last situation of lecture introduction preparations) from units. Lastly, in meeting, Bologna Process Works was general assessment.

In this context these decisions have been taken: 

1)    Meeting of CoHE National Student Council General Assembly, for the institutionalization of the Bologna Process, of great importance for students at all universities,
Corresponding to Bologna Process, while by using web page of Bologna Coordination 'Student Corner' link, giving information on running to students,
In meeting, implementation of the decisions which was taken 30 September 2011 BP coordination committee meeting has been decided, especially;
Information package templates (A-B-C-D-E-F and G tables) which was prepared in accordance with BP, web page of Akdeniz university high visibility and easily accessible area as a separate link and in Turkish and English will be completed 2 January 2012 at the latest,
Because of AKDOS have been disabled, in future DS will be given over the eAkdeniz automation system to the responsibility of the department and DS which will prepare, Bologna Process (BP) having to meet the norms of the ECTS in 2012 will be highlighted once again of great importance for our application.
Because of quality management committee meeting non- performance in 12 October 2011, meeting will be gathering on 21 October 2011,
To help units which have problems with the automation system will consist of experts in the field of software is a 'Call Center' will be created and all the problems of faculty members communicated to the team and to go the way solution.
Corresponding to created  the meeting minutes after dated 12.10.2011 meeting of PDME commission;
To accept PDME work schedule dated 2011-2012 academic year which was proposed by the PDME commission,
In this context, working in different departments of the University Faculty Members, Assessment and Evaluation in  Education Activities for Bologna Process and Program Outcomes and Course Gains in Bologna Process issues about the organization conferences with the timetable determined by Commission Members,
Assessment and Evaluation in  Education Activities for Bologna Process which was in work calendar issues is very important and in this context giving priority Application Courses and Internships' assessment and evaluation issues,
If units or faculty members request, in semester will be contribute the same issues with seminars and workshop,
In accordance with work schedule of conferences which was proposed by PDME Commission make one of the halls with capacity of about 200 people such as Olbia Conference Room, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences or School of Tourism and Hotel Management,
Conferences which was proposed by PDME commission with a general announcement to proclaim to instructor and participation is optional,
After new automation system activation fully, taking of information concerning BP works (Program outcomes, the last situation of lecture introduction preparations) from units, by way the dissolution information from the system and decided to publish on the web page.


Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel (Official)
Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan
Prof. Dr. Ismail Ustunel
Prof. Dr. Bulent Topcuoglu (Instead of Assist.Prof.Dr.Filiz Kantek)
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Selcuk Uygun
Assist.Prof.Dr. Sibel Aykin
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahattin Ozdemir
Assist. Prof. Dr. Barıs Gunay


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