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BP Harmonization Studies Evaluation Meeting -I (15 August 2011)

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Bologna Process Harmonization Studies
Evaluation Meeting – I

(Minutes of Meeting)
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2011 / 01
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15th August 2011

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decisions / Minutes:

Bologna Process Integration Studies Evaluation Meeting was chaired by Rector Prof. Dr. Israfil KURTCEPHE between the hours of 13:30 to 16:30 on Monday August 15, 2011 at the Senate Hall of the university. Vice Rectors;  Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel, Prof. Dr. Meral Gultekin and Prof. Dr. Abit Demircan, all academic unit managers( Dean, Director, Associate Dean responsible for training and education, Vice-Director, Head of the departments under the Rectorate) attended to the Evaluation Meeting.

The meeting began with the opening speech of the Rector Prof. Dr. Israfil KURTCEPHE.

Our Rector in his speech has pointed the below issues;

  • Akdeniz University particularly in recent years has taken great achievements and is progressing rapidly towards becoming a world class university.
  • Technology developments in Information and communication programs bring a need for a review of educational systems to meet the demands and development agenda of the day.
    • In this process, the task of the higher education institutions is to establish education and training systems which meet the need for the information society and knowledge economy.
    • Akdeniz University  aims to create an understandable and comparable education system which meets the needs of economic and social, national and international norms
    • Special attention were  given to improving quality of education provided in the university and  to the creation of quality assurance systems 
    • Improving the employability of graduates is targeted by having Cooperation with national and international higher education institutions and increasing mobility.
    • The Bologna Process Integration studies are seen so important to achieve this goal and to maintain a sustainable manner of positive developments in all areas of the university.
    • All units have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in the Bologna Process Integration studies but to be fully successful continuing the studies with determination and attention is necessity.

Our Rector completed his speech by expressing his thanks to notably Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel, Bologna Coordinator Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan because of the dedicated efforts of compliance within the integration scope and Bologna Process Unit managers and all the faculty members.

Following the speech of Rector, a special presentation for the meeting named "BP Integration Studies at Akdeniz University" was done by the Bologna Coordinator Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan.

Presentation has consisted of four main chapters that are; "Why the Bologna Process?” “Bologna Process Studies at Akdeniz University”, “Evaluation of Compliance with Bologna Process at Akdeniz University” and “Discussion.”

In the chapter of "Why the Bologna Process?"; a brief information was given about the aims and principles of the Bologna Process. In addition, under this heading it was put forth that in conjunction with Law No. 171 of 6111, which has brought changes in the Higher Education Law No. 2547 Article 44 and changes in the criteria and the requirements of the Bologna Process   with recent changes to the Bologna Process is emphasized that Bologna Process is a necessity of a legal obligation.

In the chapter of “Bologna Process Studies at Akdeniz University”, firstly the history of the Bologna Process practices in Turkey was summarized with main points, and then historical developments related to Bologna Process Integration studies specifically to Akdeniz University was given. Bologna Process studies in our university were presented in two parts; before 8 December 2010 and after 8 December 2010. The activities which has been done so far or will be done soon within the scope of  BP roadmap, BP strategy and Action Plan  according to the  re-set of BP studies which was decided on the meeting of 24 December 2010 was presented respectively. It was expressed that in all of these activities was acted within the framework of “Learning Campus" and information and developments about workshops, information sharing meetings, the Diploma Supplement (DS) Studies and the Internet site activities which have been done by the Bologna Process Coordination Office so far were presented.

Under the title of “Evaluation of Compliance with Bologna Process at Akdeniz University”; completed works and procedures about the curriculum revision within the scope of Bologna Process was put forward. At this point it is underlined that university has progressed so much in the BP integration studies in such a short time. However, it was underlined that still there are problems in the completion of work and operations on time regarding carrying out the BP Studies more effective and sustainable manner. The most important problems;

a)  Failure of some units to comply with Bologna Process Work Schedule

b)  Failure of some units in the flow of information about Bologna Process in the level of unit.

c) In some units the ones who are responsible for BP (Unit Coordinator, Department / Program Officer and the Department / Program Working Group) do not follow the minutes of the decisions which are taken in the weekly meetings of the Coordination Board of BP

d) It is expressed that without the need for the cover letter, the decisions of Coordination Board of BP are to be bound by all the units but some units are not taken into account this.

In the presentation, the samples of the decisions of Coordination Board of BP and cover letters which are sent to units by the Rectorate were showed. Later, the Adequacy of Program and Course Description Forms which must have been completed till that day (Table F) and the statistical information prepared in detail; the Number of Degree Programs and Courses in the university are presented. “Evaluation of Compliance with BP at Akdeniz University” part of the presentation ended with the following assessments:

a) Continuing of participation and contribution of mainly the top management, unit managers into the process effectively

b) Implementation of works and operations which are specified in the schedule of BP on time and fully.

c) The units which haven’t prepared the Course Information Packs yet should prepare them urgently 

d)  BP responsible officers in the units are to follow the minutes of the BP Coordination Board every week and to adapt to the decisions and calendar.

e)  eAkdeniz Student Automation which would work seamlessly to be provided  to the use of teaching staff and students.

f) BP survey studies (Student Satisfaction Survey, Teaching Staff and Course Evaluation Questionnaire, ECTS Survey, Academic - Administrative Staff Satisfaction Survey, etc.) should be designed to be able to respond to the changing needs. A survey management system should be provided to evaluation and to be able to get periodic reports electronically.

g) Because of the fact that developments in the Higher Education give new and very important tasks to the Directorate of Information Technology and Directorate of Student Affairs; it is a need improving conditions of these units to meet the new more competitive, functional, effective structure.

h) New regulations and developments bring mandatory provision of Quality Assurance in every field of activity for universities   and it inevitably directs to integrate a total Quality Management Organisation in the university.

In the chapter of the “Discussion” of the meeting, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel has made an overall evaluation of BP studies. In the speech, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel has stated that our university has been working successfully by reviewing curricula to meet the continuous improvement process and reconstructing them to meet the developments in the information age and the changing needs of the community and to create a continuous improvement process.  He underlined that at the end of this entire works, we will have a curriculum catalogue which would meet national and international norms by currently updating the existing curriculum catalogue. In this context, by thanking to all unit managers who conducting BP studies and the teaching staff he expressed that they would pursue the same determination to work.

In the last part of the meeting the Rector of our university Prof. Dr. Israfil KURTCEPHE opened a discussion about the works carried out in the integration with the Bologna Process of the university in order to receive criticism, comments and contributions of Unit managers about the studies in the Bologna Process. Unit managers have stated that they are carefully trying to implement the integration studies of BP but they also expressed that they are in a difficulty of completing works which have not been carried out for years. They have emphasized the points which are summarized briefly below:

Experiencing the situations which are requested to do some works and operations which are summarized briefly below:

Experiencing the situations which are requested to do some works and operations which are not compatible with the decisions of BP Coordination Board during the integration studies of BP.

  • Becoming available of new automation system has very delayed.
  • The new automation system should be in use as soon as possible.
  • Afterwards the new automation system has started to work properly; it should be opened to the access of the teaching staff.
  • It should be possible to enter all the requested information at once into the automation system course description forms.
  • There should be similarity between the titles which are filled in the automation and the course description forms information (Form F) at the website of Bologna Coordination Process Office.
  • It is stated that the new automation system which is on trial is not user-friendly especially filling the course description forms in the automation system is very complicated and time consuming.
  • It is expressed that the training should be provided to the users about the use of automation system.


Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe
Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel
Prof. Dr. Abit Demircan
Prof. Dr. Meral Gultekin
Prof.Dr. Gultekin Suleymanlar
Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan
Prof.Dr. Oktay Dinc
Prof.Dr. Osman Karaguzel
Prof.Dr. Feramuz Ozdemir
Prof.Dr. Safak Aksoy
Prof. Dr. Mimar Turkkahraman
Prof.Dr. Zafer Sari
Prof.Dr. Nimet Uysal
Prof.Dr. Nalan Gokoglu
Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Gungor
Prof.Dr. Ismail Ustunel
Prof.Dr. Huseyin Sumbul
Prof.Dr. Sadettin Sari
Prof.Dr. Ali Erdogan
Prof.Dr. Mustafa Onal
Prof. Ayşe Sezer
Prof.Dr. M.Soner Balcıoglu
Prof.Dr. Nursen Adak
Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Kurunc
Assoc. Dr. R.Suleyman Gokturk
Assoc. Dr. Şukru Ozen
Assoc. Dr. Yusuf Tepeli
Assoc. Dr. Figen Ebren
Assoc. Dr. Suleyman Uyar
Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Ogke
Assoc. Dr. Ufuk Durna
Assoc. Dr. Feyyaz Onder
Assist.Prof.Dr. Murat Turhan
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Mehmet Topakcı
Assist.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Nihat Kanbur
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Özand Gönülal
Assist.Prof.Dr. İbrahim Bakir
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Kemal Alimoğlu
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Serkan Akinci
Assist.Prof.Dr.   Barış Günay
Assist.Prof.Dr.   Hakan Ersoy
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Eral Topçu
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Kemal Reha Kavas
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Bahattin Özdemir
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Filiz Kantek
Assist.Prof.Dr. Filiz Angay Kutluk
Assist.Prof.Dr.  Erdal Ozsunar
Lecturer Deniz Hazar
Lecturer Dr. Esra Golge
Lecturer Vedat Cetinkaya
Lecturer Nese Agbasoglu
Lecturer Guler Cigdem
Lecturer Esma Gültürk
Lecturer Serpil Kocaman
Lecturer Levent Sozen
Lecturer Metehan Yaykasli
Lecturer Hasan Ozmen
Lecturer Levent Pala
Lecturer Halil Celik
Lecturer Ramazan Uyar
Dr. Atilla Kadri sendil
Instructor Tufan Dagseven
Instructor Ahmet Kutuk
Instructor Kevser Demirtas
Instructor Ahmet Aker


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