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BP Coordination Board Decisions/Minutes of Meeting (28 July 2011)

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Minutes No:
2011 / 026
Date :
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28July 2011

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decisions / Minutes:
Bologna Process Coordination Board met at Senate Hall under the chairmanship of Bologna Coordination Board President, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel on Tuesday, 28 July 2011 between 11:00-13:00 p.m. Firstly, in meeting, eAkdeniz student automation program is discussed. Then, common courses and lessons which are taking for personal development, ‘BP internal inspection practice principles, working team and working methods with ECTS credits implementation’ issues are discussed. Finally, in meeting, 'BP Integration studies evaluation meeting' which the university's unit managers will be held with the participation, was discussed.

In this context these decisions have been taken:

1. Corresponding with eAkdeniz student automation system;
a) Automation system will be performed in Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Economy and Faculty of Engineering Department of Food Engineering before putting into service to instructor,
b) Automation System’s Access will be organized which people can access easily,
c) Some organization will be done in the system which quality management system can reach needed data from the automation system and the quality management system and the automation system can work together as coordinative,
d) European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System and Evaluation Scurvies of Instructor and Subject will be incorporate into eAkdeniz Student Automation Service
e) In the next meeting of the Coordination Committee eAkdeniz Student Automation System will be received as a single agenda item and a comprehensive presentation will be made committee members about  the functioning of the system,
2. For 2012-2013 academic year in connection with common courses and courses which taken self improvement;
a) Common courses and courses which taken self improvement will not be received to ECTS credits which students responsible to complete it and to grade point average,
b) In case of failure of course which a student that take it for achieve personal development; a student will obligate achieve this course or another equivalent one to be graduated,
c) Common courses and courses which taken self improvement will ranked as courses with extra credits in Diploma Supplement,
3. All programs which are the main criterion of Bologna Process as %25 of elective courses will not implemented to "Training Teachers of the programs” curricula,
4. After requirement of Program Quality Assurance System in the revision of curriculum studies, Quality Assurance System will be attached priority about revision of curriculum,
5. Quality Management Board which in our university will be worked as a revision and strengthening of the upper board for gain functionality for Program Quality Assurance System,
6. Relation to Internal Evaluation of the University of the Akdeniz
a) BS Quality Assurance sub-committee and Quality Unit will develop an action plan and model  about Application procedures BS internal tests, work teams and ways of working
b) In this context, devoted to BS an evaluation and information (At this stage, the units Quality Management System (QMS), Strategic Planning (SP) with the relevant informing) will be made,
c)  Starting evaluation Works of Main factors of Strategic planning and evaluation and information work simultaneously oriented with  
d) For this purpose, a comprehensive institutional assessment (BS, QMS, SP) will be planned,
e) The European Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (ENQA) criterion will be based to    within higher education institutions and principles of the criteria set by the main reception(quality assurance policy and procedures, programs and awards approval, monitoring and periodic review, assessment of students, quality assurance of teaching staff, learning resources and student support, information systems, public information),
f) As a result, the Quality Assurance Sub-Committee will be completed their works about Efficiency of Internal Evaluation of Akdeniz University and they will deliver a report to Bologna Coordination Board until 1 September 2011.
7. In relation to Bologna Process Integration Studies Review Meeting;
a) Participation of Unit Managers of Akdeniz University (Deans, Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Dean responsible for training and education under the President and the Heads of Departments) will be ensured fully this meeting,
b) Evaluation Meeting of the Bologna Process Integration studies will be executed as meeting which last situation and the problems are discussed.

Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel
Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan
Prof. Dr. Ismail Ustunel
Prof. Dr. Bulent Topcuoglu
Assist. Prof. Dr. Sibel Aykin (Absent)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selcuk Uygun
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahattin Ozdemir
Assist. Prof. Dr. Eral Topcu
Lecturer Serhan Yaylaci
Exp. Emel Kahraman
Exp. Cem Sakarya


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