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BP Coordination Board Decisions/Minutes of Meeting (3 June 2011)

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Decision /
Minutes No:
2011 / 021
Date :
Time :

03th June 2011

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decisions/ Minutes:

Bologna Process Coordination Board met at the board of directors meeting room under the chairmanship of Bologna Coordination Board President, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel on Friday, 03 June 2011 between 10:00-11:00 a.m. In the meeting, firstly the scope and use of new Automation System was interviewed. After that, Bologna Process Coordinator Prof.Dr. Burhan OZKAN gave summary information about “Congress on Higher Education” which was hold on 27-29 May 2011 by HEC in Istanbul. Finally, general assessments of the Bologna Process works were made.

In this context these decisions have been taken:

1. Preparations for publishing Course Information Package Templates and Course Catalogs in the Bologna’s web page will continue until the new Automation System come into use.

2. A report will be presented in the next meeting of the Coordination Committee about the coming period activities of Measurement and Evaluation by the Program Development and Measurement-Evaluation (PDME) Commission.

3. Bologna Process Coordination Board will be done a presentation about “Bologna Process and Erasmus” in Erasmus Academy Program which will be held in Adrasan on 07 June 2011 and with in the scope of the presentation, our University’s Bologna Process Works will be transferred to participants.

4. The works of Instructor and Course Evaluation Questionnaires will be interviewed in the next Coordination Board meeting.

5. As indicated in the cover letter sent to all units by the Rectorate,

a) Course Description Form's (F Table) incomplete undergraduate and graduate courses names will be reported to Deans and Directors by Heads of the Department /Heads of the Discipline / Program Coordinators until 07 June 2011.

b) Course Description Form's (F Table) incomplete undergraduate and graduate courses lists will be reported to Rectorate (BCC Presidency) in written and bologna@akdeniz.edu.tr in electronically until 10 June 2011.

c) English Program Outcomes which is prepared for each level of education by units (associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate)  for Associate Degree level Associate Degree, for undergraduate level First Cycle, for graduate level Second Cycle, for doctorate level Third Cycle templates will be filled and sent to bologna@akdeniz.edu.tr until 10 June 2011 to publish on the Bologna’s web page.

d) Information Packs (C, D, E, F ve G Tables) which is prepared in Turkish will be prepared in English in all units and for each level of education (associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate) until 01 September 2011.

6. “The Effects of Changes in the Law No. 6111 to University's Functioning” presentation which is presented in the meeting of Heads of BCC will be published on Bologna Process web page in  http://bologna.akdeniz.edu.tr/el-kitaplari.i866.6111-sayili-kanunla-yapilan-degisikliklerin-universite-isley link.

7. Bologna Process Sub-Board’s Meeting which holds once a month, will be held needed intervals during the summer.

8. After completion of Curriculum Revision studies which take place in the scope of the Bologna Process, will be given a priority to the issue of “Quality Process and Professional Qualifications”


Prof. Dr. Muharrem Certel

Prof. Dr. Burhan Ozkan

Prof. Dr. Ismail Ustunel

Prof. Dr. Bulent Topcuoglu (Absent)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selcuk Uygun

Assist. Prof.Dr. Bahattin Ozdemir

Assist. Prof.Dr. Baris Gunay

Assist. Prof.Dr. Sibel Aykin

Lecturer Serhan Yaylaci (Absent)

Exp. Emel Kahraman



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