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BP Coordination Board Decisions (With Unit Managers Participation)/(15 April 2011)

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Decision /
Minutes No:
2011 / 015
Date :
Time :

15th April 2011

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decisions/ Minutes:

Bologna Process Coordination Board hold their meeting on Friday, 15th April 2011 between 09:30 – 12.00 under the chairmanship of Bologna Coordination Board President Prof.Dr. Muharrem Certel in the Senate Room with the participation of unit managers who responsible for training and education. In the meeting, firstly, Bologna Process Coordinator Prof. Dr. Burhan OZKAN gave information about presentation of the Diploma Supplement (DS) Label Action Plan and Guide and DS Label Workshop which held in Ankara by the National Agency. Then, Lecturer Serhan Yaylaci gave information about the preparation of DS in the new Automation System. Finally, general principles related to the elective courses of 25%, which will be implemented in associate and undergraduate programs with in the Bologna Process were determined and information share were made about Bologna Process works.

In this context these decisions have been taken:

1. Full and complete information in the Diploma Supplement (DS) document will be prepared by all academic units in accordance with DS Guide and Schedule.

2. Program requirements and objectives which take part in DS items in 4.2 will be prepared in accordance with DS Label Application Guide by units.

3. With a previous decision of the Coordination Committee, selected pilot implementation programs related to DS,

  • For Associate Degree DS: Environmental Protection and Control, Accounting Programs
  • For Bachelor Degree DS: Landscape Architecture, Biology, International Relations, Law and Coaching Programs.
  • For Master Degree DS: Agricultural Economics, Food Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Economics and Biology Programs.
  • For Doctorate Degree DS: Business Administration, Food Engineering and Histology Programs, will be speeded up work.

4. The minutes of the Coordination Committee which publish each week regularly in the Bologna web site (http://bologna.akdeniz.edu.tr/toplanti-tutanaklari) will be followed by Sub-Coordinators and Department /Program Coordinators.

5. All units must comply the decisions of the Coordination Board without the need for any cover letter.

6. Learning outcomes and branch based structure could be generated with new automation system. Courses will be offered by the teaching staff again, but the final decision will be given by Department / Program / Faculty and the School Board's commissions.

7. The rate of in and out of the area for elective courses of 25% (as ECTS credits), which will be implemented in associate and undergraduate programs with in the Bologna Process, will be created according to the program competencies, but the amount of elective course credits will be at least 25% in all programs.

8. In Master degree and doctorate programs as well as the associate and undergraduate programs, courses for each semester will be determined as 30 ECTS.

9. Will be raised University’s awareness of Bologna Process works are not optional, that is a necessity in Higher Education Institutions because Bologna Process are included the Law No. 2547.

10. Relevant department / program coordinators will be participated to PDME Working Schedule which prepeared by the Program Development and Measurement-Evaluation (PDME) Commission and published in http://bologna.akdeniz.edu.tr/pgod-faaliyetleri in the Minutes-IV file.

11. All programs course names will be encoded with 2-5 letters and immediately reported to Department of Students Affairs for writing course codes to the new Automation System.


Prof.Dr. Muharrem Certel

Prof. Dr.Burhan Ozkan

Prof. Dr.Safak Aksoy

Prof. Dr.Ismail Ustunel

Prof. Dr.Mehmet Sen

Prof. Dr.Zafer Sari

Prof. Dr.Ahmet Yaman

Prof. Dr.Gülay Ozbilim

Prof. Dr.Saadettin Sari

Prof. Dr.Bulent Topcuoglu

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Suleyman Gokturk

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nursen Adak

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Feyyaz Onder

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ahmet Kurunc

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Kamile Kukulu

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Tulin Arseven

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Selcuk Uygun

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Mustafa Unlusayin

Assist.Prof.Dr. Irfan Ozcan

Assist.Prof.Dr. Sibel Aykin (Absent)

Assist.Prof.Dr. Bahattin Ozdemir

Assist.Prof.Dr. Baris Gunay

Assist.Prof.Dr. Adnan Turgut

Assist.Prof.Dr. Enver Guner

Assist.Prof.Dr. Gonul Tugrul Icemer

Assist.Prof.Dr. Hakan Ersoy

Lecturer Serhan Yaylaci

Lecturer Attila Kadri Sendil

Lecturer Yusuf Kaplan

Lecturer Nese Agbasoglu

Lecturer Mukerrem Kaplan

Assist. Murat Karaduman

Assist. Mustafa Kavacik

Exp.Emel Kahraman

Ozlem Can


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