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BP Coordination Board Decisions/Minutes of Meeting (18 February 2011)






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18th February 2011
9:30 - 11:30

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decisions/ Minutes:

Bologna Coordination Board hold their meeting on 18th February 2011 at 09:30-11:30 by the chairmanship of Bologna Coordination Board President Prof.Dr.Muharrem CERTEL in the Senate Room. First of all, Disabled Student Supporting Unit made a presentation about our disabled students. Then, “The Publicity Week” which had recommended for organizing by Student Participation and Social Dimension Sub Committee, were discussed. Subsequently, the subject matters about the implementation of the Bologna Process Work Calendar in the units and the application of the postgradute cirriculum revision works in Bologna Process  were discussed in the meeting. Also the Student Affairs Department gave information about Student Information System and Schedules. Finally, Automation System, BP Student Information Meetings and Unit Information Meetings were discussed and the participants’ oppinions were taken.

In this context these decisions have been taken:

  1. To publicate the presentation which were about disabled students by Disabled Student Supporting Unit in Bologna web site.
  2. To formate a commission corresponding disabled students and preparate an instruction for this commission by the presidentation of Student Participation and Social Dimension Sub Committee President Assist. Prof.Dr.Barıs GUNAY, also with the participation of the delegates from Health, Culture  & Sport Department and Student Affairs Department,
  3. The participation of unit’s assigned academic advisors to a training about disabled people which will be given by authorized experts from Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People,
  4. To state a subject and organize a “ Publicity Week” in the first week of lessons,
  5. To do a work on ECTS questionnaires,and the curriculum revisions about MSc and PhD courses by the department if the course is avaliable in the relevant discipline, otherwise by the Graduate Schools.
  6. To meet in 23th February 2011 at 13:30 apropos of the Course Following Schedules by the chairmanship of Bologna Coordinator Prof.Dr.Burhan OZKAN with the participation of Prof.Dr.Bülent TOPCUOGLU and the head of Student Affairs Department Lecturer Serhan YAYLACI,
  7. To make the automation system in the first half of April.
  8. To archieve the ECTS questionnaires, which were done for fall term, by the units.
  9. To adjudicate of the ECTS after the acceptance of Department/Programme Board upon the discussion on the relevant commissions of the Faculties/Institutes/Vocational  Schools.


Prof.Dr.Muharrem Certel
Prof.Dr.Burhan Ozkan
Prof.Dr.İsmail Ustunel

Prof.Dr.Bülent Topcuoglu
Assist Prof.Dr.Sibel Aykin
Assist Prof.Dr.Bahattin Ozdemir
Assist Prof.Dr.Barıs Gunay
Lecturer Aydın Ozdemir
Lecturer Serhan Yaylaci
Expert Emel Kahraman
Fatma Unlusayin

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