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'BP Coordination Committee Decisions/Minutes of Meeting (30 January 2012)





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27January 2012
16:00 - 18:00

Bologna YıldızıBologna Yıldızı

Decision / Minute:

Bologna Coordination Committee (BCC) met at senate hall on Monday, 30 January 2012 between 16:00-18:00 a.m. The meeting start with the opening Prof.Dr.Muharrem Certel's, who is president BCC, speech. After the speech, about Bologna Process Harmonization studies of Akdeniz University were informed by Bologna Process Institution Coordinator Prof.Dr.Burhan Ozkan. Secondly, in the meeting, the year of 2011-2012 Bologna Coordination Committee (BCC) Lists which will be sent to CoHE were discussed. The meeting was ended with the participants taking the opinions and suggestions.

 In this context these decisions have been taken:

1)     Scope of law of 6111 numbered which published in official news dated 25.02.2011 and no.27857, items of 171., 172. and 173. Higher Education Legislation for the implementation in 2547 numbered law in article 44 (6111 S.K. /171. MD.) based on  the fact that there are plans for the Bologna Process criteria, Principles and norms of the Bologna Process until the end of 2012, all Universities should not forget the arrival of the implementation become a necessity,

2)    In this context, studies of Bologna Process Harmonization of Bologna Coordination Commission (BCC) creating for restructure the studies of BP, directing the development of sustainable and dated 20.11.2008 higher education institutions with the decision of the General Assembly Council of Higher Education, ensure coordination again remind that they are responsible for the completion of the first degree by the end of 2012 remind,

3)    The new Higher Education Council a change in top management with in the coming future strategies of CoHE take notice giving priority to Quality Management System (QMS),giving special importance for our university QMS and in this context Bologna Coordination Committee (BCC) and QMS to work in coordination together,

4)    BP harmonization studies which was carried out on BCC,BP Coordination Committee and particularly Bologna Coordination Office indicated stability in 2011 and work tempo should be maintenance in 2012,

5)    The result of the effective duration contributions and participation of especially the senior management of the our University and University's all departments to process, completion of Bologna Process Harmonization Studies in 2012,

6)    In this context, outstanding performance which was given in the implementation studies of Diploma Supplement Label Application and the Curriculum Revision Studies respectively, the third study as ECTS Label Application Studies should be given outstanding performance,

7)    Within the frame of 2012 ECTS Application guide and calendar which will be sent to our university's all units finalized with 2012 BP Coordination Committee decision and made the presentation prepared by Bologna Coordination Office for achieve studies of ECTS Relevant Department accordance with the schedule and  to act in a coordinated each other is great importance in order to achieve success in 2012 ECTS Label Application Studies,

8)    It is very important that Incoming and Outgoing students files which responsibility under External Relations Branch Office to being complete and creating of courses catalogue until 2 March 2012 and ECTS Label Action Plan of 2012 as it exists in Turkish and English versions of information package,

9)    In this context, when all units which was 2012 ECTS Label Action Plan is completed envisaged work and transactions in action plan calendar, as of 18 may 2012 the completion of all works and ECTS Label Application file to be sent to the standard application form and the documents attached with the National Agency in 1 June 2012,

10)    Before to be held info meeting about 2012 ECTS Label Application Studies to all units which was invited for 13 our units, DS Label Application Studies by the Bologna Coordination Office,

11)    The seminar about 'The Program Outcomes and Learning Outcomes in Bologna Process' which will be held by PDME Commission which was created scope of Bologna Process Harmonization Studies on 1-10 February 2012,between 14:30-16:30,in Nuri Ozaltin conference room in the faculty of Tourism  for all units, all BCC members participation and to inform for faculty members about the topics,

12)    BP Coordination Office web page which carried out all studies about our university's Bologna Process, transparency, visibility on taken decision/minutes in the meeting  and designed based on visual function dynamic data base, highly detailed information about the Bologna Process, constantly updated and therefore interest and appreciation by other Universities, BP Coordination Office members should be followed more active and serious,

13)    Follow of meeting minutes by BP responsible in units, provide adapt to decisions and calendaring by Units that this situation is the responsibility of the BCC members,

14)    2011-2012 Education BP Questionnaire and BP Info Package Studies Calendar which made presentation at the meeting to be adapted in full by all Units, in this context,

a)      Tables of A, B, C, D, E, F and G which are BP Information Package Templates are completed on the new e-Akdeniz Automation System Software by all our Units until 2 March 2012,

b)      The importance of ECTS Questionnaire and Instructor and Course Evaluation Questionnaires which will make through Questionnaire Managements System over the web between 1-15 March 2012 for Fall semester,13-22 June 2012 for Spring semester will tell to the students by the instructors who give course,

c)       To take stakeholder which is an education level between 1 March-20 April 2012,

15)    Due to a new and very important duty loaded to new developments in Higher Education, Head of Department Data Processing Information Technology and Student Affairs, these units' studies which more competitive to meet new formed and development conditions, should be functional and effective structure for increased studies,

16)    New legal regulations and developments because of making mandatory the provision of Quality Assurance on education in universities every field of activity, already now a new and decisive steps for to go integrated quality management organization in our university the coming years,

17)    Bologna Coordination Commission for the academic year 2010-2011 (BCC) is missing from the list and changing the members and notified the names from Vocational High Schools the academic year 2011-2012 which will be updated as a result of the Bologna Coordination Commission (BCC) has decided to send the list to CoHE urgently.


Prof. Dr. Muharrem CERTEL
Prof. Dr. Burhan OZKAN
Prof. Dr. Ismail USTUNEL (Absent)
Prof. Dr. Bulent TOPCUOGLU (Absent)
Prof. Dr. Veli ORTACESME (Absent)
Prof. Dr. Gulay OZBILIM
Prof. Dr. Ahmet YAMAN (Absent)
Prof. Dr. V. Nimet UYSAL
Prof. Dr. Soner BALCIOGLU
Prof. Dr. Ali ERDOGAN
Prof. Dr. Mustafa KINSIZ
Prof. Dr. Nursen ADAK
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet OGKE
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ahmet KURUNC (Absent)
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Davut KARAYEL
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ramazan GOKTURK (Absent)
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Yusuf TEPELI
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Suleyman UYAR
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mustafa GULMEZ
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Feyyaz ONDER
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Figen EBREN
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hicran BEKTAS
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bahattin OZDEMIR
Assist.Prof. Dr. Berna TURKDOGAN UYSAL (Absent)
Assist.Prof. Dr. I. Tulay ÇAGATAY (Absent)
Assist.Prof.Dr. Filiz KANTEK (Absent)
Assist.Prof. Dr. Irfan OZCAN
Assist.Prof. Dr. Sibel MEHTER AYKIN
Assist.Prof. Dr. Baris GUNAY
Assist.Prof. Dr. Serkan AKINCI
Assist.Prof. Dr. Gonul Tugrul ICEMER
Assist.Prof. Dr. Eral TOPÇU
Assist.Prof. Dr. Ozand GONULAL
Assist.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim BAKIR
Assist.Prof. Dr. Kemal Reha KAVAS
Assist.Prof. Dr. Murat CAGLAR.
Assist.Prof. Dr. Suleyman AKHAN
Assist.Prof. Dr. Halil DEMIR
Assist.Prof. Dr. Nihal TUNER ONEN
Assist.Prof. Dr.  M. Nihat KANBUR
Lecturer  Yusuf KAPLAN (Absent)
Lecturer  Nese AGBASOGLU
Lecturer  Vedat ÇETINKAYA
Lecturer Serhan YAYLACI
Lecturer  H. Levent PALA
Lecturer  Dr. Esra GOLGE
Lecturer  Erdal TASCAN
Lecturer  Levent KARGIN
Lecturer  Mehmet KAYAKUS
Lecturer  Metehan YAYKASLI
Lecturer  Serpil KOCAMAN
Lecturer  Alaittin KOKÇU
Lecturer  Erkam TOKGOZ
Exp. Zeynep Tugçe ÇIFTÇIBAŞI GUC (Absent)
Şukru SEVREN (Absent)


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