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Dear Akdeniz University Members,

On the purpose of more effectively carrying out internationalizing activities of our University, Bologna Process Coordination Office, the Branch Directorate of Foreign Relations and Farabi Coordination Office have been restructured under the name of “International Relations Office” by virtue of Board of Director’s Decision numbered 39/405, dated on September 12th 2012. Thus, processes related to Erasmus+, Mevlana and Farabi Exchange Programmes, Bologna Process, EU Youth Projects, IAESTE, Associate Programmes and any other internationalizing activities will be carried out under the umbrella of International Relations Office.

In this context, till today in order to provide a progressive and regular way to conduct Bologna Process effectively in every unit of our University, works and processes related to Bologna Process activities, conducted by Bologna Process Coordination Office (ABKO) established in December 8th 2010, will be carried on conducting under the roof of International Relations Office. Bologna Process Coordination Board (BPCB), established within Bologna Process Coordination Office (ABKO)beforehand and gathering together regularly every week, will carry on its works within International Relations Coordination Board (IRCB).

We are glad to notify that internalization studies of Bologna Process norms and principles in our University will be carried out with the same stability and work tempo under the roof of International Relations Office.

Best Regards.

Akdeniz University
International Relations Office
Rectorate  6th Floor Dumlupinar Boulevard
07058 Campus Antalya/TURKEY
Phone : +90 242 310 6012-1641
Faks: +90 242 310 6629



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