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Bologna Process Workshop-II (21 February 2011)

Within the context of Akdeniz university's orientation to BP, a Workshop (BP Workshop-II, is going to be held in Ataturk Conference Hall, on  February 21th, 2011. The speaker is Prof. Dr. Lerzan OZKALE who is  Istanbul Technical University Lecturer and Bologna expert. I would kindly request that the Board Members, the Sub-Coordinators, the Department/Programme Coordinators and Working Groups who have been assigned from the Faculties, Institutes and Higher Schools within the context of Bologna Process, participate in the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Muharrem CERTEL
BCC President

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Yükseköğrenimde Bologna Süreci (21 Şubat 2011)

Page Summary: Bologna Süreci Kurumsal Eğitim Çalıştayı- II (21 Şubat 2011)