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Bologna Process Info Meeting (Measurement and Evaluation 30 November 2011)

As it is known, at the extent of Bologna Process harmonization activities, to monitor and evaluate program development and assessment practices, program development and measurement evaluation (PDME) commission was created with the participation of members of the faculty of education. Supporting the work of "measurement and assessment" in the University’s educational activities are among the most important duties of the PDME commission.
According to, changes on 44. Article of 2547 numbered higher education law of 6111 numbered law, which bring legal obligations, PDME commission scheduled a series of seminars to provide the standards of educational norms which are predicted by Bologna Process principles and form a basis the process of Akdeniz University assessment domestic and foreign processes.
The third of these seminars will be given about measurement and evaluation in educational activities by Assist. Prof. Dr. Bayram BICAK, the member of Bologna Coordination PDME commission, on 30 November 2011, between 14:00-16:00, in Nuri Ozaltin conference room in the school of tourism and hotel management.
I would request that all academic staff to participate in this meeting.

Prof.Dr. Muharrem Certel
Board Chair

Lecturers Units which will attend the seminar:

1. School of Tourism and Hotel Management

2. School of Physical Education and Sports

3. Antalya School of Health

4. Akdeniz University Antalya State Conservatory

5. School of Foreign Languages

6. Ayşe Sak High School of Applied Sciences

1. "Participation Certificate" will be given to Faculty members who took part in the seminar.
2. According to the schedule which prepared by the PDME Commission, announcement will be made also for the other units.

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